Seated behind this easel,in the middle of nowhere,within Mother Nature,my feet buried in the wet grass,lulled by the sweet morning breeze,feeling the first rays of the sun piercing my pores to heat me,I quiver.Surrounded by the dragonflies,the butterflies,the ants and why not the ladybugs?,I am listening to the bee’s buzzing,the bird’s song ,the nightly silence accompanied by my heart’s beatings;Inhaling the smell of the wet earth and the bewitching perfume of the flowers,feeling the presence of the angels,the fairies,the stars and the nymphs…

I’m Drawing 

I’m Painting 

I let my imagination rule.I feel a tremendous pleasure by freeing my soul of it’s thoughts wether they are good or bad.I leave a positive legacy on this virgin canva which lies in front of me like a naked woman offering herself to her soulmate.My entire body is taken by euphoria as it owns this magical freedom,the freedom to CREATE



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