Have you ever been in a difficult situation in life and suddenly, out of nowhere,maybe from a book or a car sticker,you see a message ,a quote and you feel like it was written just for you, like it was placed here to help you?

Well,on a friday afternoon,three months ago it happened to me. I mean,this happen to me so often but I want to share this episode with you  because it was so unbelievable and it happened in the right moment. Like at that moment,I didn’t know how to describe my life (I still don’t), I was tired of thinking and I was bored ( Actually,I’m never really bored  since my imagination is always up to something but hey,you understand. Right? Okay 😊. So, I started reading a book (Chasing red by Isabelle Ronin)I found on a friend profile on Wattpad. The book doesn’t really have a direct relation with life issues but a part of Red’s story can be possible. So, I saw message,something Red’s mom told her about difficult moments. I was so grateful that I did a screenshot.

“Everything that happens in your life is to prepare you. Metal has to go through fire to melt and turn into a sword.Be strong because this is just a test,YOU are being melted,being molded into a stronger person. This burning from the fire shall pass and YOU WILL FIND REST. Don’t give up honey”


Look,when I tell you that the  Universe is listening,watching. I was so inspired by this paragraph and I think I had a crush on Caleb lol; I put the book in my private library. I never really wanted to read it but I just clicked “comme par magie”. So when we will be stronger,when we will finally be Swords,I hope we won’t forget this so we will remember and say, “See buddy? You did it!”



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