If you know me,you know  that I’m the one who screams “It’s a Sign” whenever something happens. Well,I believe in signs and I know I am not the only one even if sometimes we try to make ourselves think otherwise maybe because we are afraid or we don’t accept the fact that the Universe communicates with us

This “Sign thing” like my family members call it caused a lot of shaking heads,weird glances,smirks and many more. But I’m going to tell you a story and,trust me,after that night they all accepted my “Sign thing”

It happened last summer. I when I was living in Haiti,we used to go to Jacmel every week-end,carnival,Christmas,Easter… But my dad decided to rent the house so for two years,we had to stay at the hotel or in Port-Au-Prince or we travelled to the States. These are just details,now back to the story

So I have three cousins Aïsha Nakia and Yvanka they live in Haïti. We always wanted to go to Jacmel together but we never had the chance. Last summer they were all at my house in Pétion-ville and my dad decided to go there. I was super excited even though we went there twice at the beginning of the year; without even thinking I told Aïsha to call her dad. Nakia said they always wanted to go there but they never had the opportunity I immediatly felt bad because I was imagining them leaving,us going there,then I smiled and told her to create the opportunity. She said her father wouldn’t answer her  calls, I was litterally losing patience and I screamed ” Then send him a text! We are in 2016 for God’s sake. She did so and he said yes. Next thing you know,we were packing for the next day

We left the house around one PM. *it’s easier to go early in the morning or late in the   afternoon to avoid traffic but we took the chance. Around three PM,we were in a traffic in Fontamara, two hours passed and we were still stuck in traffic so we stopped the cars,turned on the radios,blasting Sweet Micky, joking and drinking Rhum Barbancourt that’s when I said that it was a Sign but nobody paid attention as always. Finally,around eleven PM, we were near Le lambi night club which is like one hour from home but my dad couldn’t see Patrice (my step brother ) who was driving another car with Aïsha Yvanka and Olivier (my brother)  *I was in another car with mommy my dad Nakia and Laureen (my step sister) . So my dad called them  and Patrice told him that the tire broke (Oops) and I laughed causing a glance from my mother. Mind you,my dad was furious he was cursing and stuff… But I told them to stay calm because a few days after we would talk about this and laugh so…

Again,I told them that it was a Sign they told me to be quiet and I don’t like being told  what to do so I whispered it again. My dad tried to fix the tire but he broke the tool,still cursing the poor guy,he tried again and broke another tool ( it’s a Sign for God’s sake!). After a few calls,someone came to pick the car and drove it to a gas station nearby so we had to put our bags,comforters and pillows in one car. Aïsha was in the front seat,Patrice,Nakia,Yvanka and mommy were in the backseat. Olivier  Laureen and I were in the trunk sitting on the comforter mommy put for us since we  could not unfold the seats. My dad still wanted to go to Jacmel that’s insane I know and deep inside,I prayed the Universe for another sign because 1- I couldn’t stop laughing at Yvanka,and I was imagining the car bending 2- Only another sign could save us. So we had to make a turn and of course the car was heavy I saw my dad’s face in the mirror trying to turn and I started laughing so loud even my mom smiled my sister started laughing too (it’s always like that between us). My dad finally decided to go home. OUF!

I could not stop laughing because of the way Yvanka’s head was moving everytime the car bounced on the road and Olivier was trying to do it to so it was hilarious!. By the time we were reaching Canapé-vert, I was grinning imagining the car sliding down the hill. I tried to be serious then my dad asked “what if one of you fart?” And we all bursted in laughter

We got home around one in the morning and my dad was like, “there are things that happen in life and you have to be smart enough to understand the Signs”… I went straight to bed,shocked.

*This is not about the Signs but I wanted to share the rest of the story with you guys

So the next morning,my dad went out with my brothers,so they could buy another tire and fix the other one. I was thinking about one thing, Jacmel. By Noon,things were set up, but this time I decided to be comfy by myself in the trunk eating raisin bran and blasting music ready to hit the road!




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