I rest in my frenzy,I let the ripples rock me sometimes slowly,sometimes rapidly. I am by myself amidst all those people,surrounded by the sound of silence,the nature’s sound,singing her joy of being with me in this so simple but so insignificant to others moment.

I like the way the water transforms the music into thud in my ears. I like the fireball that I am seeing in the middle of the ocean we also call sky, the branches are trying to catch it everytime I open my eyes. I like the feeling of hovering on the water without worrying about anyone. Life is Beautiful 

We are travelers and these transports we call “Books” bind us to each other. Today, I am watching each of you traveling in a different world. We don’t  know each other,we don’t talk to each other we don’t even see each other. But our transports bind us trough this immense love we feel for them

NB: I wrote this last summer while I was at the pool at the Karibe Convention Center a hotel located in Pétion-ville,Haïti.

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