A taste of freedom

April 2016

I was at school,in grade 12 (in Haïti we have 13)

As we walked,my friends and I (we call ourselves A3) under the rain,I felt submerged by a wave of happiness

I just stood,in the middle of the schoolyard. Some girls were staring at me but I didn’t care. My Mother was Blessing me. I opened my arms and invited my friends to do the same; They thought I was just being crazy, as usual but they still stood by my side  and I smiled even if I knew that they weren’t feeling IT.

I closed my eyes,lifted my head and opened my mouth. The rain was washing my skin from the dust,cleaning my blood,erasing my pains. My entire body was in another dimension and I was on the bridge, between the visible and the invisible. This bridge was my escape and in a few seconds,I was already in another world

I am somewhere. In a tropical forest. It’s raining. I am wearing a white maxi dress with  flowers in my hair. The sun hides behind the clouds “but it doesn’t matter” he said; “You enlight the Universe”. I smiled  at him and bowed my head as a sign of respect

As I start dancing under the rain,two nymphs come by my side,they remind me of my friends. We take each others hands and we twirl in a circle,I see a unicorn walking with  two fairies we wave at them. They start singing in a foreign language,we don’t understand them but I still dance and soon I sing too,liberating my lungs from that oppressive air.

It’s like a rebirth.I feel so new,so clean. Thank you Mother

I hear a bell and suddenly,I am back.In the real world with my uniform, and the girls still staring at me like I am crazy. But maybe I am. That is the reason why I almost started singing  “I’m a dreamer baby,say y’all think I’m crazy,well I said maybe.Cause maybe I am” by Tommy Trash & DENM. But I seriously don’t get why some people are afraid to dream,to let their imagination rule sometimes,come on! There’s nothing wrong with it.

After all,we just want to get free.



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