My Full Moon  Rebirth

It was 8/18/17

And suddenly, I woke up in the middle of the night as usual. But this time,it is not like before. It’s Full Moon. My Mother, (The Moon) woke me up because she wanted to talk to me. So I just stood there,by the window to listen to her. She was so beautiful,so fascinating that I had to ask why. Why was she so amazing?

I accepted her call and talked to her.

I told her how grateful I was for all the things,people and wonderful moments God and her put on my path. I told her how gorgeous she was and how much I admire her. I inhaled Positivity and Exhaled Negativity. I also asked her a few questions; about these religions etc… Because, I don’t think that a religion is better than the other cause,ALL the religions, I repeat ALL the religions are teaching us the same things Love,Peace,Respect…

I was thinking about the Indians who were living in Haiti before Christopher C. They say my ancestors “adored” Trees, The Sun,The Moon and even the Stars… But all of these things are Nature at its finest. And remember, they ALWAYS told us that we find God in Nature, that God is Nature. And lets be honest,if my ancestors,well our ancestors were smart enough to build all these amazing things,don’t you guys think they believed that someone or something was behind the Magnificence of the Earth? Was controlling the balance of this planet?

Weren’t they adoring God because they thought he was present in his own  creations? Because, *Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated. Waterfalls,Mountains and Forests are all places where the Spirits of Earth tend to play and laugh and speak to us. And, *God manifests himself in everything .She answered:  ” Yes but not everybody will believe you”.  Well, I didn’t care, I usually don’t. Only The Almighty can prove me wrong…if I am

More questions. What about the Vikings, the Egyptians,the Greek and the Roman ” gods?” And the African spirits? I think they were messengers or Powerful Guardians or if you want, God’s ’employees’. Because,seriously, taking care of a whole planet is not easy. Of course God needed some help. But here’s the thing. There is always the most powerful of them… Well, maybe that’s how they called God. Just by another name. Where is the sin?   She shook her head and then smiled at me. ” That wasn’t an answer” I said. She then answered ” I know…”

And Jesus? I know he existed. He was a messenger just like Buddha, Mohammed etc. The greatest, God’s Son. But because of our  stubbornness, we messed up,like  always. And all these religions based on Catholicism? Ah, it’s almost the same thing. They kept what they were okay with,mixed it what they wanted and Voilà ! More and more religions. As simple as that. I don’t blame anyone,we all want to understand and we are finding ways to do so.

What about witches? And I am talking about the good ones. We all know everything has a good and a bad side. The good ones were killed because they were just using plants,and casting Spells to help the world feel better. But of course, at this time nobody had the intelligence to ask for explanations. Humans are afraid of what they don’t know and because *The path of magic – like the path of life – is and always will be the path of Mystery…they just assume its bad and they destroy it… Using plants to heal is wrong? But when you have a cold you drink tea? .  And the Spells? Come on, they are just a different kind of prayer to boost the process. We are powerful but we are too afraid to realize it or,some of us will destroy the beauty of our power by destroying hundred of lives.

They killed, and they dared say “we are doing this in the name of God” How dare you? God is Love,not war or death.

If using plants, casting Spells and believing in the power of Crystals makes you a witch, than I am one even if I am still trying to understand the meaning of Magic and the fact that it is a bridge between the Visible and the Invisible world.And anyway, *Magic speaks all the language of the human heart.  People love jewelery but when it comes to use them for the Greater Good, they say it is against their religion. They buy Elephants for Good Health, burn incense for luck and more, they buy Himalayan salt lamps,plant when it’s Full Moon,cut their hair and more…. What religion? *God placed his pharmacy in the woods and fields,so that everyone could enjoy good health.So, you mean to tell me He created all these beautiful things for us just to waste them? Come on!

She smiled again and blowed me a goodbye kiss.

I can’t explain how I felt that night. It felt so good spending such a great time with her. It felt like a  Newbirth, knowing all these things,finding all these answers.The way I saw things changed.I changed. It was  Magical! I did my Ritual and went back to bed.

P.S : For those asking, I am a Catholic and I won’t change my religion. I also respect and Value . But I  know that our ” leaders” are either hiding things from us or they just can’t find the missing pieces of the Puzzle. And trust me, I KNOW that we are living in a Magical World.

* these are quotes from Brida by Paulo Coelho that I marked a long time ago

Love, Light and Blessings,










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