Jacmel, 7/28/16

The idea came all of a sudden while I was sipping some tea with bread and butter. In full tasting, I hear the fairies’s call. Without hesitation,i take my mug and go outside so I can contemplate the starry sky but I thought it would be better with my sisters. ( Aisha,Nakia,Yvanka and Lau’) so I invited them. Thank God,they accepted and I could feel their joy. The nymphs kept reminding me of something I always wanted to do,they said it was the right moment… I sat on the ground and then laid on my back,inviting the girls to do the same. To my surprise,they didn’t look at me like I was  crazy or ask me if I was okay. So we let our souls be connected freely,in serenity,harmony,respect and trust with each other as we were admiring the milky way.

I was watching the milky way!! Not in pictures or videos but right in front of me! I never thought this was possible only if you lived in the North like Iceland etc… But, I was in my backyard,starring at the milky way. I was so excited! We all were and it was beyond amazing.

We weren’t even scared ( don’t ask why would we be. It was dark,a lot of tall trees,bugs even frogs and other animals and insects and guys! They used to tell us a lot of scarry stories about the countryside) because our guardians ( the trees) were there,telling us that everything was okay,we were in Harmony with Nature. They were dancing,humming…

We were also blessed by the visit of eight whitelighters ( what you guys call shooting stars) eight angels and I just couldn’t find the words to describe my joy. There was a flame inside me,an energy ball; it was growing after every wish I made and then it was out of my body, with four others,in synchronicity. I was wondering if the girls were able to see them but I didn’t ask.

Anyway,I know that all our wishes will come true because Mother Nature always listens to her children.

If I write this today, is to remind you of the  value of moments with your family. So my dear readers, cherish the ones you love,no matter what. Try to make peace with them,love them unconditionally. Who would have thought that one year later I would be this far? Miles,hours away? We never know what is next so cherish….cherish.



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