The idea came unexpectedly in my mind while I was in class.I wanted to make a Christmas card for Pucca (one of my friends) and her family. I made a list of the things I would need to make my card and I started writing different kind of wishes. Suddenly, I saw the faces of the other girls with that grateful smile I like to put on people faces and I wanted to do more than one card,I knew I would be happier if I made more people happy.

As soon as I got home,I spoke to my sister about it and she welcomed the idea with a bright smile. Since she had to decorate her classroom the next day,we decided to work together,I designed the stuff,she cut them and we both colored them. We spent half of the night making paper gloves,stockings,Christmas trees,gingerbread cookies,and cards.

Since I couldn’t find inspiration for the wishes,I decided to write positive quotes on them and inside the cards. The Energy around us was so amazing, I didn’t want to go to sleep! It was way past our bedtime which is nine o’clock but we weren’t even sleepy! My back was hurting me because we had to sit on the bed since we didn’t have a desk but it didn’t matter,what mattered was the wonderful work we were doing. I felt like an elf working in Santa’s atelier,I wasn’t tired and despite the fact that my dad came to tell us to go to bed around midnight,I couldn’t sleep,I was too excited.

Today,you guys should have seen their faces,shining,smiling,even crying. From Isa L. to Edm Al.. This felt so good, I felt like I was a heroe. Then,my two good friends, A2 told me that it’d be better to do more,for a few girls near us who we really appreciate,we took our materials and started the work; next thing you know,the whole Philo A had a Christmas present. They were all so grateful but what made me happier was that girl who never had anything for Christmas, and it was her first gift,I told my friends: ” girls,if that didn’t make you feel like wonderwomen,I honestly don’t know what will “. Like,can you imagine this? She never received a gift and even though her first one was a piece of paper with a positive message in it,she was more than grateful and she kept it next to her heart,preciously,until lunchtime.

I will never forget that day,these smiles,these dances,these “thank yous”,the hugs,the kisses….Wow! And you know what I realized? First, the quotes were kind of connected to their owners,it’s like each quote was exactly what they needed if you understand what I mean,they were matching their personality,were the answers to their questions or the perfect help.Second, I realized that heroes don’t wear capes,just regular clothes,they have struggles but they still do their best to help others everyday,to bring them joy. We are friends with heroes,they are family members,teachers,doctors,and even strangers and most importantly,we ARE heroes. I am so proud us and the wonderful actions we take to make the world feel better.

Thank you to the amazing authors : Paulo Coelho, J.K Rowling (Dumbledore), without you and your great work, I wouldn’t be able to put some magic in the cards.

P.S : I know I didn’t post anything,I was saving this special one for Christmas. And I hope you guys appreciate it.

✨I wanted to thank A2 and my sister for their help that day,for always accepting and supporting my ideas. To you,my dear readers,no matter where you’re from,HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! My best wishes,and prayers to you and your families,be safe and enjoy!

Love,Light and Blessings 


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